Help Yatton-local Amy Hatton (nèe Hooper) raise funds for her husband’s lifesaving surgery.

Kris, Amy’s husband, has unexpectedly and suddenly fallen ill with a brain tumour and needs money for vital surgery.

Read more about his story on the GoFundMe page.

Amy’s family and friends are eager to raise funds and help her husband in this desperate time. As a popular community member of Yatton, and a mother to one year old Maisy, Amy is getting incredible support from the local community and beyond.


Below is information provided by Amy’s cousin, Joanna Hooper:

When she was first born Amy lived on Ashton Road, next to BCFC with her parents. She then moved with her parents to Yatton where she attended the local school, and where her younger sisters Molly and Lilly were born.

As young children Amy along with her sisters and cousins spent much of her free time at Congresbury Rec club with her Dad Stephen who played for Congresbury Football Club, and her uncle Rob who was team manager, and chairman of the football club at the time. When Amy left with her family to emigrate to Australia we had a big leaving party at the Rec Club which is still recalled fondly amongst our family.

Amy met her husband Kris (originally from London) whilst she was in Australia. They married just over 2 years ago following her falling pregnant with their first child Maisy (1). As is described in the Go Fund Me page he fell ill just a few weeks ago and now has been given just weeks to live unless he is able to get this operation.


If you can spare any money or simply spread awareness of the fundraiser, you can help save his life.

Donate to or share the GoFundMe page here.