Age UK Somerset Exercise Classes for Older Adults in North Somerset

Whether you are generally fit and active or if you sometimes feel unsteady on your feet, local, independent charity Age UK Somerset aims to offer a class that will suit you. Physical activity has a huge positive effect on health at any age but amongst older adults, doing more can have a life changing impact.

Local classes include chair-based “Flexercise”, yoga, upbeat movement to music classes like “Mature Movers” and Tai Chi Qi Gong. Tai Chi is as effective as most high-impact exercises in improving circulation, co-ordination and decreasing blood pressure. Especially great for older people, it is extremely effective at improving physical balance, vitally important for helping to prevent falls in later life. It is so effective that Age UK Somerset have opened twelve new Qi Gong classes in the last few weeks. This particular form, which means “18 moves” in Chinese, can be done seated or standing and is very easy to learn.

All classes are held in local venues and are open to everyone. There is no need to book.

To find out what is on offer where you live, please call Nikki Smith on 07530 777895 or visit